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iPhone 3rd party applications quitting finally explained

Issue: All of a sudden, all third party applications I downloaded from the App store will just show up for 2 seconds when I open them and goes back to the home screen. I tried rebooting the iPhone, deleted the app and redownload it, it doesn't seem to help. I even tried to "reset all settings" and redownload them all, nothing seems to help. I already restored the iPhone in iTunes and that doesn't make any difference. Do I have a bad iPhone?
No. You don't have a bad iPhone. You are having problem account authorization with the applications.
Is this a bug?
I would say it is. I hope Apple will address this in the future software updates either in 2.0.3 or 2.1.
What do you mean I'm having authorization Problems? I did the download directly from the App Store and used my AppleID and Password, is there something wrong with that?
No. That's the most convenient way of getting an App thru the App Store. It's really hard to explain how this happened because it doesn't seem to be logical. But there's a fix for this issue you are experiencing.
So What's the Fix?
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Simple. You just need to deauthorize  your computer and authorize it back. Then resync your applications. That should work for everybody.
Delete all the 3rd party  applications from your iPhone.
1. Open up iTunes in your PC/Mac. Connect your iPhone in your computer. Make sure you are signed in the iTunes Store. To sign in, click Store on the top menu bar, then Sign in…Use your AppleID and Password.
2. On the top menu bar, click on Store>Deauthorize Computer. Enter your AppleID and Password.
3. Authorize your computer again by clicking on  Store>Authorize Computer. Enter your AppleID and Password one more time.
4. Sync the applications from your iTunes Applications Library back to your iPhone. If you don't have it on your iTunes,=2 0you can redownload them from iTunes for free.
Once syncing is finish. Your applications should be working fine.
What do you think may have caused this issue.
Here are 2 possible reasons
  1. You " reset all settings" on your iPhone and then downloaded an App from app store using a different Apple ID and Password. Just stick to one AppleId and Password to avoid this problem.
  2. You sync the iPhone from a different computer that is not authorized for your purchases. If you have multiple computers, make sure that each is authorized. To authorize the computer, follow the steps described above. Remember that you can only authorize=2 0up to 5 different machines using your AppleID.
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