Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tips on backing up your iPhone's Contacts

Here is a list of things you can try in order for you to backup your most precious contacts that you've collected over the months and didn't have any copy of it anywhere else except your iPhone.
Better backup than sorry in case you ended messing up your iPhone.

1. Use Outlook. If you have Microsoft Word installed on your PC, chances are you have Outlook too. iTunes support synchronizing your iPhone with Outlook version 2003 and 2007. Mac users should always have Address book present on their systems. For steps on how to sync your iPhone with Outlook, click here. I don't use Outlook because I'm always not at home. I want my information to be always on the go and online.

2. Use Yahoo! Address book. Most of us are using Yahoo for their email accounts. Click if you do. Yahoo address book is one of the choices for syncing your iPhone's contact alongside with Outlook. I definitely recommend and personally use this one because the information is stored online. I can make/create changes on my Yahoo contacts online and on the next sync, boom its there on my iPhone. It also works the other way around, make addition on your iPhone, sync it and its there online.

3. Use Mobileme. Mobileme is an online service by Apple and is a perfect companion alongside with your iPhone, Mac or your PC. This service is the most convinient method to use because it requires no additional syncing with iTunes as everything happens over-the-air. Mobileme is not a free service, it costs $99 a year. You can try mobileme free for 60 days here. You can also buy mobileme in a box for 1 year subscription at select authorized Apple resellers in the Philippines in case you don't have a credit card yet.

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