Friday, August 29, 2008

iPhone 3G Hardware specifications remains undisclosed

Are you curious about the iPhones hardware specifications? Like a computer, the iPhone 3G also has processor, memory (RAM), and storage capacity. The iPhone is a miniature Mac running on "iPhone OS" operating system. That's the reason why Apple claim its 5 years way ahead of all other phones in the market. Until now, if you visit the iPhone's specifications page, you won't be able to see the iPhone's processor speed or the amount of RAM installed. Only the storage capacity is used to describe your iPhone as 8GB or 16GB version.

wikipedia entry for the iPhone has information about the iPhone's hardware components listed as below. Take note that these specifications came from other websites based on their skills in disassembling the device.

Processor: 620 MHz
ARM 1176,underclocked to 412 MHz
Memory): 128MB DRAM
Storage: 8GB and 16GB

If only the iPhone's screen is large enough given the specs above, it can definitely run Mac OS X 10.4 or Windows XP with additional software tweaking. But you don't need to have that as the iPhone OS alone is terrific.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

iPhone 2.0.2 update may result in iPhone not receiving emails

Mail in trouble
by: Rouge

Most iPhone users from the around the world are having several issues with their iPhones after a software update. It almost seems like it didn't fix anything but rather it adds another issue. Its kind of unexplainable but its definitely fixable. One of the top issues after a successful software update is trouble with receiving emails which I'm going to discuss on this entry.

To resolve e-mail receiving issue try the following in sequence

1. Reboot your iPhone and try accessing the Mail app. If that doesn't resolve your issue please continue

2. Reset all settings. From the home screen, go to Settings, Tap General , scroll down to find and go to Reset > Reset All Settings. This step will reboot your iPhone, try again accessing your Mail, if issue exist go to step 3

3. Re-setup the entire email account. Go to General > Mail Contacts Calendars, choose your email address and tap "Delete Account." That will also delete your emails but this will definitely fix any receiving email issue.

The problem is pretty much isolated to happen on POP accounts. Other emails such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL are working fine after the update. Example of POP accounts are those emails provided by your ISP like Road Runner, Bellsouth (US Only).

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How to completely clean reinstall iTunes (Mac/Windows)

Often times you may experience issues with your iPhone 3G and iTunes. If you sync your iPhone, iTunes may indicate its syncing by displaying a little spinning arrow but your actual iPhone is idle and doesn't say that a sync is in progress. For this kind of issue, you may need to try reinstalling iTunes completely altogether with its subcomponents.

For Windows users

1. Completely close every program running on your PC including iTunes. Make sure that all USB devices like iPhone and iPod are not connected.

2. Open Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs... wait for the list to populate all the Programs on your computer. You should be able to find "iTunes" as one of the programs listed, select it and click on the remove button on the lower right corner. The process of uninstalling should begin immediately.

3. You will also need to uninstall the following programs. They are all included in the iTunes installation package.
* Apple Software Updater
* Apple Mobile Device Support
* Bonjour
* Quicktime

4. Restart your computer as requested.

5. To reinstall the latest version of iTunes, go to
Save the file on your desktop for easy access.

6. The name of the iTunes installation file is "iTunesSetup.exe" just double click and run the program and wait until Installation finishes.

For All Mac Users

1. Quit all applications running
2. Open the Applications folder, put in the trash
3. Remove located at Home folder\Library\Preferences\
4. Download the installer from and install

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top 10 things you need to know about the iPhone

by: Rouge

10. It doesn’t have MMS, (multimedia messaging service) – a messaging capability to send or receive videos and photos over the phone. Has long been present to older phones but not on your iPhone 3G that is 5 years ahead of other phone technology.

9. No video recording capability. You can only snap a picture. Your lucky enough if you can capture sharp picture, it’s crappy most of the time so I don’t even bother use my iPhone for snapping pics.

8. No option for sending business card like what your Nokia phone does.

7. Bluetooth file transfer are not available. Sorry, Bluetooth here is only for integration with your mono Bluetooth headset or car kit.

6. Three percent (3%) of those who downloaded either 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 update are having issues receiving email after an update. A small 1-3% of those who updated to 2.0.2 has resulted in their iPhone to only show the Apple logo of death or stay in recovery mode.

5. Another 1-3% of iPhone 3G users are experiencing “No Service” issue whilst on 3G but will get reception when 3G is disabled. Rumor has it that Apple chose a bad 3G chipset for their iPhones.

4. An unknown percentage of iPhone users have dropped their iPhones and crack their screens because of playing games that requires tilting and shaking the device.

3. Most of the people getting error message “Unknown error ” after a failed update or restore are Windows XP users.

2. The iPhone 3G in the Philippines is still overpriced.

1. Your warranty will not be honored by AppleCare if your iPhone is purchased in somewhere else. Most of the iphones in Greenhills (Virramall) either came from US, Europe or Australia. Apples record will show the country of origin attached to your serial number. In the Philippines, support for the iPhone is only with Globe, the official wireless carrier.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The iPhone 3G is here: Is it worth the wait?

From: Philippine Daily Inquirer
article dates back August 21st, 2008

MANILA, Philippines—A mobile phone, an iPod music and video player, and an Internet device in your pocket: That about sums up what Apple Corp.’s iPhone is. This Friday, the latest incarnation of Apple’s mobile device—the iPhone 3G—becomes available in the Philippines through local carrier Globe Telecom Inc.

Will it be a hit in this text-crazy part of the world?

Representatives from Apple Computer South East Asia Ltd. in Singapore who flew in to Manila last week believe so. In fact, they invited a handful of local journalists to test-drive the iPhone 3G for a week prior to the Aug. 22 official launch.

The iPhone 3G comes in two models—an 8-GB (in black only) and 16-GB (in black and white). The test unit is the 16-GB black model (top of the line, so far).

Straight out of the box, one is easily struck by the elegance in its simplicity—a smooth glass surface with one—yes, just one—button, the Home key. The sculpted design of the iPhone 3G fits more comfortably in one’s hand than the first-generation iPhone (which has a rather slippery silver aluminum back and is a bit heavier). It sports real metal buttons (plastic in the first-generation iPhone), hard and glossy plastic back and a generous 3.5-inch wide multi-touch screen. At 4.5 inches long, 2.4 inches wide, less than half an inch thick and weighing just 4.7 ounces (133 grams), the iPhone 3G is simply sleek.

On the left side are the volume up and down button and the ring/silent switch that easily puts the phone in silent mode. On the top are the sleep/wake button and the flush headset jack that now allows the use of any standard 3.5 mm headphones. (The first-generation iPhone uses a proprietary headphone jack, so with the earlier iPods). At the back are the 2-megapixel camera and the trademark Apple logo.

After almost a week tinkering with the iPhone 3G (browsing, downloading pictures, listening to music, watching movies, playing games, calling and texting), there are just so many things to like about it.

A major come-on of the iPhone 3G is that it is so easy to use. All applications (phone, SMS, contacts, Safari web browser, calendar, mail, iPod, iTunes Store, photos, camera, settings, YouTube, calculator and others) are just a tap away on the Home screen, no need to look for them in folders, subfolders and sub-subfolders.

The multi-touch screen is an other cutting-edge feature of the iPhone 3G that will please just about anyone. Apple’s innovative software lets the user control everything with the touch of a finger. Tap a contact to make a phone call, flick through albums and even pinch (or double tap) to zoom in or out on photos, e-mail or a section of a web page. Slide a finger to scroll up or down the contacts list or browse through the photo gallery. It’s simply cool.

The built-in Qwerty keyboard is also smart, appearing only when needed, to give more room for viewing whole web pages, seeing more e-mails, looking at Google maps or watching a movie. The best way to use it though is to use the thumbs (and trust the intelligence of the keyboard, which makes use of a built-in dictionary that automatically adds the names in the contacts list to the dictionary, and new words—including Filipino words—into a dynamic library.)

Did I mention an autocorrection, autocapitalization, the phone’s ability to add punctuation marks, like apostrophes to words, and putting a period and a space to begin a new sentence by double-tapping the spacebar?

The built-in accelerometer is another amazing feature of the iPhone 3G. When surfing the Net or viewing picture galleries, the accelerometer detects when the phone is rotated from portrait to landscape and automatically changes the contents of the display to see the entire width of a web page or a photo in its proper landscape aspect ratio. The built-in accelerometer also allows moving and tilting the phone to control the action in many game applications.

The iPhone 3G also has a proximity sensor that detects when the phone is near the ear when on a call and immediately turns off the display to save power and prevent inadvertent touches until the phone is moved away.

Students will also like the iPhone 3G’s calculator. Tap numbers and functions just as you would with a standard calculator. When the add, subtract, multiply or divide button is tapped, a white ring appears around the button to let the user know the operation to be carried out. True, almost all mobile phones have this. But rotate the iPhone 3G and the ordinary calculator is transformed into an expanded scientific calculator.

Syncing and managing content on the iPhone 3G is also a breeze. Anybody who has an iPod already knows how to sync an iPhone 3G—it works exactly the same way. iTunes is the hub of all digital content of the iPhone 3G. When the phone is connected to a computer, it shows up in the iTunes source list and is ready to sync. It can sync calendar events from iCal or Entourage on a Mac or Outlook on a PC. It works with the most popular e-mail systems—including Yahoo! Mail, Google, Gmail AOL, and most POP3 and IMAP e-mail system. It works out of the box with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to allow access to one’s personal and work e-mail. It also displays multiple e-mail accounts.

E-mail on the iPhone 3G is equally impressive, offering a viewing experience unlike any other mobile device. With its rich HTML format, e-mail looks and acts like e-mail on a computer. The phone also has built-in readers for viewing attachments such as PDF, JPEG, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It can also receive push e-mail directly from Microsoft Exchange.

Apple support is perhaps the most significant attraction of the newest iPhone. On the phone’s home screen is an icon called “App Store.” One tap and out comes a list of applications in every category imaginable—from games to business, education to entertainment, finance to health and fitness, productivity to social networking. The applications in the App Store have been designed to take advantage of iPhone 3G features such as the multi-touch screen, the accelerometer, wireless connectivity, GPS and real-time 3D graphics. There are now more than a thousand applications ready to download from the App Store, and many of them are free. The multitude of applications (which are also available for the first-generation iPhone and the iPod Touch) are simply unlike anything ever seen on a mobile device.

The browsing capability of the iPhone 3G is similarly impressive. However, browsing speed of the iPhone 3G (Apple says it’s twice as fast as the first-generation iPhone) really depends on 3G and Wi-Fi coverage: The stronger the signal, obviously the faster the web pages are loaded. On Edsa, loading pages on the go can be as fast as 20-25 seconds, though certain spots (most probably with weak 3G coverage) take an eternity to load. Browsing using Wi-Fi at home (with 3G off) was faster and more consistent, and most web pages loaded in about 10 seconds.

This is no publicity for Apple and the iPhone 3G. The new mobile phone is truly sleek and fantastic, but it is not perfect.

There are still little things that many Filipino mobile users will find lacking in the iPhone 3G. For one, it does not accept business cards nor can contacts from other handsets be sent through Bluetooth. It also does not have a text-forwarding function. Heavy phone users cannot just bring a spare battery to replace a drained one. (The iPhone 3G does not have an accessible battery compartment for easy replacement of a drained battery.) The battery life of the iPhone 3G is also shorter than that of the first iPhone, especially when 3G is turned on. (A full charge lasted about six hours of surfing using 3G/EDGE).

In the end, all these shortcomings, if one can call them that, will be overwhelmed by the multitude of functions that the iPhone 3G can do.

If there is one word to describe the iPhone 3G, “amazing” should be it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More iPhone Launch News

As the international date line marched across the globe late last night, iPhones began going on sale in the Philippines and 21 other countries. TUAW reports that there was a sold-out party counting down until iPhones went on sale in the Philippines, the first of the latest batch of countries to launch the iPhone 3G. iPhones are reportedly selling well in India, despite high prices and lack of 3G networking. Unlocked iPhones are on sale in Greece, as is the law, starting at a hefty €459 (US$679), though opting for iPhone 500 super plus plan can shave off €176 (US$260).
iPhone 3G went on sale today in 22 additional countries, adding some 300 million potential customers.

Orange Poland, however, wasn't quite as optimistic. To "warm up the atmosphere around the launch of the iPhone," Orange marketers in that country apparently hired actors to pretend to be iPhone customers wanting in line, hoping to generate significant buzz. I'm no expert on the mobile market in Poland, so I can't vouch if such a move was necessary, but my gut tells me it wasn't. There certainly has been a buzz, though—about how lame of Orange it was to pull such a stunt.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster noted this morning that Apple has nearly doubled its potential market base with the addition of 22 countries, to a total of 660 million potential subscribers. Odds are good that if even a small percentage of that base opts for an iPhone, Apple will easily exceed even its own sales expectations. For his part, Munster remains bullish on iPhone sales projections, adding that "we believe shares of AAPL will trade on iPhone unit volumes for the next several quarters, so we expect the iPhone unit upside to be a positive catalyst for the stock."


The iPhone Launch Party

Globe's iPhone Launch Party

Globe kicked off the iPhone 3G Launch Party with thousands of people counting down to 12 midnight with free flowing beer, food and lots more. No other mobile phone ever enjoyed this same treatment as the Apple iPhone.
According to one of the managers at the floor, Globe was able to activate and distribute over 600+ 3G iPhone in less than 3 hours.

A lady from Bulacan was the very first Globe iPhone customer, waiting in line at the open grounds of the Makati Stock Exchange as early as 3PM that afternoon.

Thousands more have reserved their iPhone 3G online and thru Globe hotlines and they’re expecting people lining up on all business centers around Metro Manila today. From what I heard, the most popular unit so far is the Black 16GB iPhone 3G. Majority of those who got an iPhone were customers claiming them as loyalty rewards.

Could this be the largest iPhone customer line in the world?


Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Finally here

It's Finally Here...

The long wait is over. It's finally here. The iPhone 3G. Please review my previous post on how you can get started with the iPhone. I will post more articles in the coming days.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

3G Connection Problems with iPhone may be Hardware related

In the US, more and more iPhone users are complaining about dropping calls, poor 3G reception, switching between 3G to EDGE while standing still, dropped calls when on 3G, and "no service" at all while on 3G. An analyst says that the problem could be the 3G chipset built on the iPhone and that no software update can fix it since the issue is the hardware itself. Apple has no comment or made any official statement about this issue.

If the issue is software, then a software or firmware update can eventually fix this problem. If the issue is about an immature 3G chipset then a product recall will solve this issue.

Overall the iPhone 3G works fine without 3G. You will love everything about the iPhone. Its a handy piece of Mac OS X and I love the idea that you can play games and download them for free. Forget about 3G. All we do here is to talk and text on the phone and 3G doesn't play an essential role on doing that.

For all the people waiting for Friday August 22nd. Go ahead and buy the phone. Although Apple is silent about this issue, I'm sure that Apple will stay behind its products and is dedicated to customer's satisfaction.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iPhone Software Update 2.0.2 now available

Software Update for the iPhone 2.0.2 is now available in iTunes.

Looks like you've got an update to do right after purchasing your iPhone 3G coming August 22nd.

Apple did not enumerate any specific issues that the software update will fix except for "Bug fixes." 

This update will definitely make the iPhone Hackers "Dev team" who just released their own patch August 10 to jailbreak 2.0.1 but it looks like they got more work to do now that the genuine 2.0.2 update is released monday night (August 18th, 2008) thats tuesday morning Manila time.

Top 10 things why Pinoys would not buy the iPhone 3G

Top 10 things why Pinoys would not buy the iPhone 3G

by Rouge

1. You cannot forward a funny joke or a quotable quote sent to you via text message. Yep! The phone doesnt have a "forward message" feature."

2. You cannot forward a text message to your Globe contacts on your distribution list. There is no option for forwarding to a group like your nokia phone does.

3. There is no video recording on the iPhone or any application that will do this function.

4. Still, the camera is a bit crappy at the same 2.0 Megapixel resolution.

5. You cannot transfer via bluetooth an Mp3 you download somewhere on the internet nor you can receive anything on bluetooth. The bluetooth is there for the purpose of pairing to a Bluetooth wireless headset (mono)

6. You cannot use any custom ringtone like you did before on your previous phone. You can only sync ringtones if you purchase it in iTunes. There's a lot of workaround you can do for this issue but it requires jailbreaking your phone.

7. No memory card expansion slots. You cannot store anything on this phone like you used to on your iPod's hard disk. But the iPhone itself has enough space for you to work with.

8. You cannot view any flash video from other sites on Safari (internet browser) except youtube. Youtube has converted millions of videos last year into mp4 format for it to be viewable on the built in app "Youtube"

9. No option to save a download file in Safari nor you can upload a file from your phone.

10. Budget. Taghirap. Poor. Ala pera. Kulang allowance. Mahal bigas, Taas gasolina, Problemang panlipunan, at iba pa.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Presyo ng iPhone 3G - bumagsak din sa wakas

MANILA, Philippines – Globe Telecom announced it will sell the iPhone 3G via prepaid at P37, 599 or around P4, 000 less than its initial introductory price, the company said Friday.

Globe said in a statement iPhone 3G prepaid kits will be available at P37, 599 and P43, 799 for the 8GB and 16GB, respectively.

Globe said the new pricing will apply to all subscribers — even to those who have made reservations. Globe earlier said Apple’s latest iPhone device will be available starting August 22.

The prepaid plans come with P1,000 load spread over 5 months, or P200 per month. Also, the first 1,000 phonekit purchases will get another P1,000 discounts off the purchase price.

Earlier this month, Globe said it will see the iPhone 3G via prepaid at P41,899 (8Gb) and P48, 899 (16Gb). The iPhone 3G is likewise available through postpaid plans ranging from P1,599 to P4,999 a month, inclusive of free WiFi via Globe Wiz.

Globe added zero-interest purchase plans in partnership with local banks still apply.

The Apple iPhone 3G, which operates on the third-generation (3G) mobile network, will also come with a built-in global positioning system (GPS) for location-based mobile services.

The iPhone 2.0 software includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, apart from hundreds of third-party applications built with the recently released iPhone software development kit.

Beware of iPhone with Plastic Cracks

The new iPhone 3G 16GB version will be available in 2 different colors, that is black and white (Apple loves these colors on their product). I'm not sure if the white version will be available here but I hope it does. More iPhone users are reporting about their phones showing some cracks on the back part, this is most noticeable on the part where the buttons are located. The cracks are even more noticeable on the white version because of the discoloration of the hairline crack. If you happen to purchase an iPhone and notice a crack, immediately return it to the Place of Purchase and reference your return to US users who were able to exchange their phones at an Apple store and walk away happy. If you purchase it in Greenhills then goodluck.

3 more days to go and the iPhone will say hello. 

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Google fun on the iPhone...

Have you ever tried searching for your name on Google? Say your name is Dyesebel, if you try searching for that as a keyword in Google then a Wikipedia entry would come up as your top result plus thousand of other results. Try tweaking your search by adding some terms and you'll get interesting results.
Example: "si dyesebel ay" (don't forget to include the quotes)

Sample results:

1. Dyesebel ay ipinadukot ito at ipinalabas sa mga karnabal.
2. ...
si Dyesebel ay nagpunta sa din lupa. Pupuntahan ni Isabel si Fredo upang ipakita rito na si Cassandra ay nagpapanggap lamang
. ...Si Dyesebel ay isang sirena sa nobelang komiks na nilikha ni Mars Ravelo noong dekada '50.
4. ...Si Dyesebel ay magiging ‘tuyo’ (dried fish) pero sa ngayon ay hindi pa sila hihinto at sine-savor pa rin nila ang moment nila sa telebisyon. ...

very interesting indeed...

Now, I played with the word iPhone in combination with other supporting words to make a phrase and this is what I've got...

I. "i love my iPhone because"

1. I love my iPhone because it is like a little mobile computer, iPod and phone in one. I love being able to see youtube, email, facebook and news on the fly. ...

2. I love my iphone because I use it for so much more then I thought I would with my business email account and getting directions to places on google maps. ...

3. I love my iPhone, because I am an ignorant child, female, or just want to be a poser, that's about it. Other than that it's pretty much a ...

4. I love my iPhone because it can find me starbucks faster than anyone else can and I can buy phat beats while ...

5. i love my iPhone because it has all my music and pictures EASLILY synced to them. With the blackjack I had to use Windows Media Player or another ...

Alright , lets see what this next search keyword would give us...

II. "i hate my iphone because"

1. I hate my iPhone because:. the 2 mega pixel camera s*cks; no video, i need video!!!!!! it's closed at the moment so there's no ShoZu, ...

I hate my iPhone because of Telcel. The responsible for bringing the 3G to Mexico. The idiots made a mistake while migrating my plan to the iPhone's plan ...

i hate my iphone because it costs sooo much and doesnt have a lot of features. also i hate it because i cant send pics and bluetooth transfers dont ...

I hate my iPhone because it can’t output crappy bit-rate videos to my HD TV! ...

Chill. 1 Week more to go and the iPhone will say hello. iPhone 3G coming August 22nd.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Video: iPhone 3G - A Guided Tour

iPhone 3G. A Guided Tour

Watch the video as this person from an Apple retail store guides you to the new features of the iPhone 3G. Click on the thumbnail for medium quality or select quality below. (Quicktime is required)

or Download it. iPod quality. High quality
Please take note that you need to unzip the file after downloading.

Posted by Rouge. Taken from the Apple Website guided tour video for the iPhone

What to expect inside the iPhone 3G Box

What to expect inside the iPhone 3G Box

iPhone 3G ships with the following accessories and in-box components:
  • iPhone 3G
  • SIM card from Globe
  • Stereo headset with microphone
  • Dock Connector to USB Cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Documentation
  • Cleaning/polishing cloth
  • SIM ejector tool

Take note that the iPhone 3G does not ship with a dock. You need to purchase this accessory separately. Due to the convex iPhone 3G shell, it does not fit in the original iPhone dock. In some countries, including the United States, the iPhone 3G ships with a redesigned USB power adapter. Offering a streamlined design, it does not feature a removable AC plug or retractable prongs.

In other countries, the iPhone 3G ships with a USB power adapter similar to the original iPhone, with a removable AC plug.
The version of the USB power adapter that ships with the iPhone 3G is compatible with electrical outlets in the country of purchase. The USB power adapter is auto-sensing and auto-switching, allowing you to use it with third-party power converters.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How does the GPS work on the iPhone 3G?

GPS feature on the iPhone3G, a brief introduction

GPS is the acronym for global positioning system, a satellite-based navigation system that uses trasmitted signals and mathematical triangulation to pinpoint location. GPS receivers like the iPhone 3G passively receive satellite signals; they never transmit.

Your iPhone3G requires an unobstructed view of the sky, so they are used only outdoors and they often do not perform well indoors or near tall buildings. To get accurate position, the iPhone 3G must be seen by at least 4 satellites orbiting the earth. You can trace your current location using the Google Maps application. Some apps utilizes GPS on your iPhone by adding your location info (longitude, latitude) into a Photos metadata, or simply use that info to calculate progress if you're using your iPhone for outdoor activities, the process is referred to as

Learn more about the technology behind GPS in this wikipedia entry

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Globe banking on Apple’s stylish iPhone

More iPhone News

MANILA, Philippines -
Globe Telecom, Inc. is banking on Apple’s third-generation (3G) iPhone to temper the effects on profits of declining consumption due to rising consumer prices.

The iPhone, exclusive to Globe subscribers, will hit stores on Aug. 22 and will cost P42,000 for the base eight-gigabyte model — four times the suggested retail price of $199 or less than P10,000 in the US.

In a press briefing Wednesday, Globe President Gerardo Ablaza said the introduction of the iPhone, coupled with the launch of value-added services, would drive company growth for the rest of the year.

An analyst said the iPhone would be received well, saying the price "would not stop the wave of fanaticism of Apple users." "The iPhone craze is one thing [Globe] can take advantage of," said Astro C. del Castillo of First Grade Holdings, Inc. He said Globe could sell up to a million iPhones.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ablaza said the company was disappointed that a record increase in subscribers in the second quarter had failed to translate into a proportionate hike in wireless revenues.

Its subscriber base grew by 1.5 million to over 22 million subscribers in the second quarter mainly due to the strong performance of the network’s low-cost brand, TM. But wireless revenues dipped by 2%. Mr. Ablaza said sales would likely settle in the low single digit for the year. The company hopes to do better as prices stabilize. — Paolo Luis G. Montecillo, BusinessWorld

Source: GMANews.TV

iPhone software update 2.0.1 may cause issues on ringer volume

iPhone software update 2.0.1 on the original iPhone may cause issues on ringer volume. Users are reporting that ever since they've updated to the latest software version, ringer volume that has been set to max would suddenly go down to minimum. iPhone 3G users who have 2.0.1 does not experience this. If this happen to you, isolate the issue on your own by trying the following troubleshooting

1. Reboot your iPhone.
2. Try to check if you can feel a click when you press the volume buttons on the side. If the volume buttons feels like it doesnt resist and goes all the way up or down, then the problem could be on the volume buttons itself
3. Reset all Settings and check if issue still exist.
4. Remove all 3rd Party app and restart. You may also try to remove some other contents like music, videos and other iPod content.
5. RESTORE. Try using your iPhone without putting back any of your data except for the contacts.
6. If you already tried everything above and issue still persist, then the problem must be on the software update although the issue is not yet confirmed to be caused by the 2.0.1 release.
7. Pray and wait for the immediate release of 2.0.2


Sunday, August 10, 2008

May iPhone 3G na sa 'Pinas

Isang iPhone 3G ang aking namataan sa aking paglalakad lakad sa kahabaan ng Megamall. Dun yun sa Cyberzone.Tiningnan ko, hmmm! nasa puting kahon. Malayo pa lang ay mukhang 16GB na ito dahil white lang ang available sa puting kahon. Sa likod ng kahon ay may itim pang kahon, mukhang 8GB. Magkano kaya ang benta nila dito? Di ko na tinanong yung nagbabantay dahil wala sa itsura ko ang bibili ng iPhone. Di ko narin tinanong kung may warranty dahil sa loob loob ko ay di pa naman opisyal ang pagdating ng iPhone dito. Sino kayang atat ang bibili nito? Basta, goodluck nalang sa makakabili.

Alam mo ba na... (Sunday Trivia)

Sa Amerika, pag wala na sa warranty ang inyong telepono at ito ay nasira, maari itong iparepair sa flat repair cost na $199.00. Kung gusto mo ng pahiram na telepono habang wala ang iyo ay dagdag ka pa ng $29. Hindi naman talaga nila iyon irerepair, papalitan lang naman nila yun ng kaparehas na modelo, yun nga lang ay refurbished na. At tsaka nila irerecondition yung orihinal mong celfon. Wala naman problema sa mga refurb na telepono, hindi naman yun lumang luma na dahil mukha naman bago ang casing, mga ni-recon lang naman yung laman loob.

Kung bibilhin mo naman sa Apple Store at AT&T store ng walang kontrata ang iPhone 3G, gagastos ka lang naman ng $399.99 sa 8GB na modelo at $499.99 naman sa 16GB. Nakalimutan kong banggitin na hindi pa kasama dun yung tax.

How to create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card

As with the recent addition of our beloved country Philippines in the iTunes store, anyone who already own an iPhone and iPod touch with software version 2.0 can now download a growing list of free apps in the iTunes Apps store. But in order to succesfully download an App, you must have an iTunes App Store account. No redeem code nor credit card is necessary. This tutorial will guide you in creating an "iTunes Account"

Please follow the step by step process as described below, keep in mind that iTunes 7.7.1 or later must already be present in your Mac or PC

  1. Access the App Store for your country. Click here to launch the Free App store
  2. Attempt to purchase a free appplication by clicking on "Get App"
  3. A window will pop out. Click create new account.

  4. Click continue.
  5. You'll need to read and agree to the iTunes terms and conditions, make sure you check the box next to where it says "I have read and agree to the iTunes Terms and Conditions." Click Continue.
  6. Enter in your email address, create your password, continue to create and answer your security question, then enter your birthday. Click Continue.
  7. Select "None" as the payment option.
  8. Continue to fill out the required name and address fields.
  9. You'll then see a screen that says 'Verify your Account'. Click Done and then check your email for a verification email from "iTunes Store."
  10. Open the mail, and click on the phobos link enclosed in the email to activate your account.

11. Once you click on the link, iTunes should then prompt you to sign in with your account name and password

12. You'll then see a "Congratulations" screen. Click Done to be taken to the App Store home page.

Create your account today

Saturday, August 9, 2008

iPhone 3G: AppleCare Protection Plan

Like a Mac or iPod, an AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) is also available for the iPhone 3G.

Taken from Apple's website, APP is explained here


Every iPhone comes with one year of hardware repair coverage and up to two years of technical support.(1) The AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone extends your repair coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone.(2) Whether you use iPhone with a Mac or a PC, just one phone call can help resolve most issues.

Extend your coverage to two years of service and expert telephone support.

Investment Protection

Peace of mind

Should your iPhone need service under the plan, Apple-authorized technicians will repair it or provide a replacement using genuine Apple parts.

We recommend that you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan with your new iPhone to take maximum advantage of the coverage the plan provides. This plan is available for iPhone within its one-year limited warranty, used with either a Mac computer or a Windows PC.

  1. iPhone comes with up to two years of technical support during the term of your AT&T wireless contract. AppleCare Protection Plan benefits are in addition to any legal rights provided by consumer protection laws in your jurisdiction.
  2. This plan extends your service coverage to two years from the date of your iPhone purchase. The plan must be purchased while your iPhone is still under its original one-year warranty. Service coverage may be subject to certain restrictions.

The only thing I'm not sure is whether you can buy the AppleCare from Globe or if you have to go to an Authorized Apple Reseller. In the US, APP costs $69+tax but lets see how much will it retail here in the Philippines. You can't really guess by converting it as taxes and exchange rates puts additional digits to the equation. Tech support for the iPhone is directly from Globe so I'm sure they're already on training.

iPhone 3G User Guide

iPhone 3G User Guide

View and get started reading that manual even before it comes out of the box.
You can download the PDF manual by right clicking on the PDF icon on the left and click "Save as" or "Download as" or whatever your browser will say to save it.

If you plan to purchase the Apple Branded Bluetooth headset for the iPhone, you may want to save the user guide from here.

About activating iPhone 3G with Globe

Taken from Apple's knowledge base article: HT1937 Title: About activating iPhone 3G with a wireless carrier

This article is about activating iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G can be purchased from Globe in the Philippines. In all other regions, purchase iPhone 3G directly from the respective carriers.

The place of purchase will verify that you have an account with the carrier and then give you instructions on how to activate your iPhone (insert a valid, active SIM and connect to iTunes).

For information about iPhone 3G wireless carriers worldwide, select your country. For additional information, see the table below.


  1. Contact carrier for authorized unlocking
  2. Technical support for iPhone 3G in this region is provided by the carrier, not Apple
  3. Contact carrier for availability
Activation requires iTunes 7.7.1 or later. System requirements can be viewed on this link

Friday, August 8, 2008

Reserve now for the iPhone 3G and get 1,000 off your purchase

Globe has announced that users can reserve for the upcoming iPhone3G. The first 1,000 customers to reserve for the iPhone3G will get 1,000 off the purchase price. If you really are someone who can't wait, then I suggest you make your move to reserve. If you don't know yet, there will be a very limited number of iPhones to be shipped here. In the US, demand is really higher than what Apple can supply. The same situation can happen here. You can reserve for the phone by clicking here.

Why is the Price for the iPhone 3G like that?

Taken from Globe's FAQ about the iPhone 3G, Globe explains the reason for the steep price.

Q: How much is it? Why is the price like that?
A: The 8GB and 16GB are available under the Prepaid Kit offer. The 8GB retails for P41,899 and the 16GB retails for P48,899. While the price may be steep, the price is a result of increases in dollar exchange rates, as well as tax. This is why Globe is giving you P1,000 worth of load for every purchase. Plus, you even get P1,000 discount when you are one of the first 1,000 who avail via reservation!

Q: What's the Prepaid Kit offer?
A: Globe gives you the choice to avail of the iPhone 3G with a Prepaid SIM. It's not just a regular prepaid kit. This packages comes with P1,000 load value which will be sent to you over 5 months. That's P200 per month of load which you can use to browse the internet.

We encourage you to activate TIME browsing rate at P5 for 15 minutes by texting TIME to 1111. This way, you are able to maximize your web experience on the iPhone 3G without overspending. P200 worth of rebates is equivalent to as much as 10 free hours of internet time per month or as much as 50 hours of internet time over 5 months.

Source: Globe

Globe Telecom to Bring iPhone 3G to the Philippines on August 22

More iPhone news

MANILA – August 6, 2008 – Globe Telecom today announced that it will bring iPhone 3G to the Philippines on August 22. iPhone 3G combines all the revolutionary features of iPhone plus 3G networking that is twice as fast*, built-in GPS for expanded location-based mobile services, and iPhone 2.0 software which includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and runs hundreds of third party applications available through the new App Store.

“We are very excited to launch iPhone 3G here in the Philippines. Beginning August 22, Globe is bringing to the Filipinos the best browsing experience through the revolutionary iPhone 3G on our 3G/HSDPA network,” said Gerardo C. Ablaza Jr., president and CEO of Globe Telecom.

Globe will be offering special post paid plans that will allow consumers to experience the exciting features of iPhone 3G. These special plans will come with free local mobile internet hours and free Wi-Fi browsing hours (in areas covered by Globe Wireless Internet Zones). This, together with Globe’s call and text rates, ensures excellent connectivity. iPhone 3G will also be available on existing Globe tariff plans.

Consumers interested in purchasing iPhone 3G with Globe postpaid and prepaid offers are encouraged to start making their reservations beginning August 6 by calling Globe’s 24-Hour Call-in Service via landline (632)7301000 or 211 via toll-free mobile or visiting

iPhone 3G operates on Wi-Fi, EDGE and 3G networks to give the best e-mail, web browsing, search and maps applications for a mobile phone. 3G provides the subscriber faster access to the Internet as well as the capability to transmit and receive data in various forms such as photos, video and audio.

Globe Telecom is a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines with more than 21 million mobile subscribers. As a pioneer, Globe continues to be a part of the revolution that’s connecting millions of people across the country and around the world. Beyond technology, Globe’s business is truly shaped by the bonds that tie Filipinos together. Communications is ultimately about relationships, and this drives the company to innovate and constantly find easy and relevant ways to enrich people’s lives.

Source: Globe

Get your system ready for the iPhone 3G

Ok, let's say today is the release date for the iPhone3G. You want to impress the crowd by waiting inline outside of a mall so when the clock turns 10am you'll be the first to get the iPhone3G and set a record. Then your patience paid off, you were the first person indeed to walk outside of a Globe outlet with an iPhone3G. The crowd applauds and media taking shots of you holding a paperbag with an iPhone3G label, Globe and Apple logo. When asked to show them the iPhone, you were surprised as it shows, "Connect to iTunes" and the only thing you can do is to "slide for emergency" and dial 117. Home screen won't be available 'til you connect to itunes. You then walked back to the store and ask that they activate it but there's nothing they can do as there's not much computer available for you. You really want to have it activated before you walk out of the mall so as to impress your friends with the new cool feature.

Truth is you don't have to be in this situation. I have listed a number of things you need in order to prepare for your first iPhone 3G purchase and have it activated before you walk out the mall.

1. AppleID - AppleID is required to register your information in iTunes. AppleID is commonly used in the Apple website for discussion forums and for an iTunes account. You can create an AppleID by clicking here. Your email address will be your AppleID. If you have registered an iPod in the past, you probably have one. You can directly sign up for an AppleID and itunes account by using iTunes on your PC/Mac by clicking on Menu bar for Store>Create account.

2. iTunes 7.7.1 or later - Activation of your iPhone 3G is required and is done on a computer. iTunes require a PC running Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Windows Vista. Mac users should have 10.4.11 and Mac OS X Leopard users must have 10.5.4 or later. 64 bit version of Windows requires 64 bit iTunes installer. You can get iTunes on this link

3. iTunes account - an iTunes account is required if you want to download or purchase iTunes content, even if you are going to download just a free App. Your AppleID can be your iTunes account. Please be advised that a valid credit card is required if you are registering your AppleID to be used for iTunes download. You may also opt to use a redeem code from an iTunes gift card, iTunes gift card is now available at Power Mac Centers in the Philippines. Redeem code can also be for free and can be obtained at

Recommended Programs/Service but not required

4. Outlook 2003, 2007 (for PC users) - This program is part of the Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007. Outlook is optional but required if you want to sync Calendars/Contacts you created on the iPhone to your PC. Outlook is a great source of backup if in case your iPhone got corrupted and needs to be restored. Mac users by default should have iCal for calendars and Address book for syncing contacts.

5. MobileMe account - An online service from Apple that allows you to sync your information from the iPhone3G up in the "cloud" (mobileme storage server). Mobile me is a paid service that costs $99/year. You can try mobileme for 60 days by clicking here. Credit card is required

Now we will continue your iPhone purchase journey. We left of from the situation wherein you need the phone to be activated...

You wish you brought your Laptop with you as there was a nearby Starbucks coffee with free Wifi access. Your only option now was that Internet cafe just right next to Starbucks.
You will then need to:
1. Download and install iTunes on the computer.
2. Connect the USB cable to the PC and connect the other end to your iPhone3G. iTunes will then automatically detect the iPhone and then you should see a "Lets get started" message in iTunes. You will now continue and fill up the required information and you were ready with an AppleID so the process went on smoothly. After you filled out the form, that SUBMIT button in iTunes completed the process.
3. iTunes is now congratulating you for a job well done in following the process and not calling Applecare for the techsupport. Your smile now is touching your ears as the much awaited Home screen of the iPhone is saying hello to you.

Thanks for reading on, I hope this writing will help you in the future when you buy your iPhone 3G. Chill!

Hay, ang mahal pala ng iPhone 3G pag Prepaid!

Hay, antagal kong hinintay na ilabas ang iPhone dito sa Pilipinas. Sa wakas sa August 22 na daw ang release date ng iPhone d2 sa 'Pinas. Meron namang mga iPhone sa Greenhills at mangilan-ngilan mall pero pag tinanong mo kung may warranty e ang sasabihin sa'yo ay isang nakakatacute na "wala po sir"... Nakakatakot naman kasi bumili ng gadget kung wala itong warranty. Pa'no na lang kung isang linggo mo palang ginagamit ay masira na 'to, kawawa ka naman bilang isang consumer.

Noong August 6, 2008, sinabi na ng Globe ang pricing nila para sa mga iPhone 3G. Nagulat talaga ako sa presyo dahil sobrang mahal talaga para sa isang katulad ko na ang tanging kasalanan ay ang mangarap. Isang tumatagingting na Php 41,899 para sa 8GB model at isang kumikinang na Php 48,899 para naman sa 16GB or dobleng kapasidad. Para tuloy gusto ko na lang bumili ng iPod touch dahil ang pinakagusto ko lang naman na feature ay yung iPod , Internet, at yung kakayahan nya na mag install ng Apps galing sa iTunes App Store. Makaka-discount ka naman kung pipili ka nang monthly plan sa Globe pero ang pinakamababa nilang plan ay yung Php 1,599.00, libre na yung iPhone kung Php4,999 ang plan na pipiliin mo. Kaya lang, naisip ko na madalang naman ako gumastos sa cellphone load dahil ginagamit ko lang ang phone ko sa mga importanteng text kaya hindi parin option sa'kin yung post-paid plans nila. Sana naman ay bumaba na ang presyo ng iPhone 3G para hindi lang ang kagaya ni Kris Aquino ang makakabili nito.

Sa totoo lang, wala akong iPhone, wala din akong mac pero marunong akong magtroubleshoot ng iPhone 3G at iMac, trabaho ko kasi yun. Sinusubukan ko lang magblog dito para lang sa experience ng pag-blog at para na rin i-share ang aking kaalaman. Pangarap ko kasi na maging isang manunulat tungkol sa mga gadget para sa isang tech magazine. Mala'y mo, isang bossing pala ng bigating techmag ang kumontak sa'kin para sa isang column sa monthly mag nila, edi may sideline nako bilang isang tech-writer. Sa mga susunod na araw ay mas marami pa kayong mababasa dito sa aking blog tungkol sa iPhone 3G. Maari ko itong isulat sa Ingles o Tagalog o di kaya'y Taglish.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

iPhone 3G coming to the Philippines August 22nd

iPhone 3G is almost here

Globe Telecoms has already announced the coming of the iPhone 3G in the Philippines. The most surprising thing here is the cost of the device. Last June, Steve Jobs has announced the release of the iPhone 3G 8GB for $199.00 about Php 8,995 and the 16GB version is for $299, thats $13,455 ($1 =Php 45.00). Quite affordable right?, well not really.
The reason being for the $199.00 tag for the toy is you have to be with AT&T wireless locked (US) for 2 years and select from their plans ranging from $69.99/month (basic plan) up to $129.99/month (unlimited data/voice plan).

According to appleinsider, the real cost of an iPhone3G is about $407 for 8GB version (Php 18,180)

Globe has already announced the pricing for the iPhone3G on their website. Here's a copy of their pricing for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

The new Globe iPhone 3G Plans with FREE Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi hours
PLAN 1599 PLAN 2199 PLAN 3299 PLAN 3999 PLAN 4999
Monthly Service Fee P1,599 P2,199 P3,299 P3,999 P4,999
Free Local Voice Minutes 100 210 350 500 750
Globe to Globe P5.50 P5.00 P4.50 P4.00 P3.50
Globe to Non-Globe P7.00 P6.50 P6.00 P5.50 P4.50
Free Local SMS Text Message 350 350 450 550 650
Text fee after free text allocation P1.00/msg. P0.50/msg. P0.50/msg. P0.50/msg. P0.50/msg.
Free Local Mobile Internet Hours 40 hours 60 hours 100 hours 100 hours 100 hours
Rate in excess of free Mobile Internet hours P0.50/min. P0.50/min. P0.50/min. P0.50/min. P0.50/min.
Free WiZ Wi-Fi Hours 20 hours 30 hours Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rate in excess of free WiZ Wi-Fi hours P2.00/min P2.00/min - - -
8 GB P16,800 P14,600 P12,300 P5,600 FREE
16 GB P22,300 P20,000 P17,800 P11,000 P5,500
- 2-year lock-up applies.
- Rates are inclusive of VAT and Currency Exchange Rate Adjustment (CERA).
- Free text allocation applies to local text messages (Globe to Globe and Globe to other networks).
- Free call minutes allocation applies to local calls (Globe to Globe, Globe to other networks, Globe to landline and NDD calls).
Get the iPhone 3G Prepaid Kit and enjoy 50 hours of FREE Internet!*
8 GB P41,899
16 GB P48,899
*Every iPhone Prepaid Kit is provided with P200 worth of free load every month for 5 months. Using Globe's Time browsing rate at P5 for 15 minutes gives you as much as 10 free internet hours per month or as much as 50 free internet hours over 5 months! Activation of the browsing rate is required. Text TIME to 1111 for free.
Get the iPhone 3G with Globe's GPlan or GFlex Plans

Plan GText GMix / GFlex 800 GTalk / GFlex 1200 GTalk Plus / GFlex 1800 GMatch / GFlex 2500
Monthly Service Fee P500 P800 P1,200 P1,800 P2,500
8 GB P29,000 P25,700 P23,800 P22,000 P20,000
16 GB P34,500 P31,100 P29,300 P27,500 P25,500

Plan GMax / GFlex 3500 GPlan / GFlex 5000 GPlan / GFlex 7000 GPlan / GFlex 10000
Monthly Service Fee P3,500 P5,000 P7,000 P10,000
16 GB P23,400 P6,500 P5,000 P3,300
- 2-year lock-up applies.

The price for the iPhone here in the Philipines is still quite really high. But purchasing the phone from Globe will guarantee that you'll be eligible for support from Apple during your lock-in period. Also you will be able to do the restore and update your iPhone software version directly from itunes if you need to do so. I hope price will drop as soon this device is finally released so more people can afford this miniature Mac OS X computer.