Wednesday, August 20, 2008

3G Connection Problems with iPhone may be Hardware related

In the US, more and more iPhone users are complaining about dropping calls, poor 3G reception, switching between 3G to EDGE while standing still, dropped calls when on 3G, and "no service" at all while on 3G. An analyst says that the problem could be the 3G chipset built on the iPhone and that no software update can fix it since the issue is the hardware itself. Apple has no comment or made any official statement about this issue.

If the issue is software, then a software or firmware update can eventually fix this problem. If the issue is about an immature 3G chipset then a product recall will solve this issue.

Overall the iPhone 3G works fine without 3G. You will love everything about the iPhone. Its a handy piece of Mac OS X and I love the idea that you can play games and download them for free. Forget about 3G. All we do here is to talk and text on the phone and 3G doesn't play an essential role on doing that.

For all the people waiting for Friday August 22nd. Go ahead and buy the phone. Although Apple is silent about this issue, I'm sure that Apple will stay behind its products and is dedicated to customer's satisfaction.

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