Sunday, August 24, 2008

The iPhone Launch Party

Globe's iPhone Launch Party

Globe kicked off the iPhone 3G Launch Party with thousands of people counting down to 12 midnight with free flowing beer, food and lots more. No other mobile phone ever enjoyed this same treatment as the Apple iPhone.
According to one of the managers at the floor, Globe was able to activate and distribute over 600+ 3G iPhone in less than 3 hours.

A lady from Bulacan was the very first Globe iPhone customer, waiting in line at the open grounds of the Makati Stock Exchange as early as 3PM that afternoon.

Thousands more have reserved their iPhone 3G online and thru Globe hotlines and they’re expecting people lining up on all business centers around Metro Manila today. From what I heard, the most popular unit so far is the Black 16GB iPhone 3G. Majority of those who got an iPhone were customers claiming them as loyalty rewards.

Could this be the largest iPhone customer line in the world?


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