Friday, August 8, 2008

Get your system ready for the iPhone 3G

Ok, let's say today is the release date for the iPhone3G. You want to impress the crowd by waiting inline outside of a mall so when the clock turns 10am you'll be the first to get the iPhone3G and set a record. Then your patience paid off, you were the first person indeed to walk outside of a Globe outlet with an iPhone3G. The crowd applauds and media taking shots of you holding a paperbag with an iPhone3G label, Globe and Apple logo. When asked to show them the iPhone, you were surprised as it shows, "Connect to iTunes" and the only thing you can do is to "slide for emergency" and dial 117. Home screen won't be available 'til you connect to itunes. You then walked back to the store and ask that they activate it but there's nothing they can do as there's not much computer available for you. You really want to have it activated before you walk out of the mall so as to impress your friends with the new cool feature.

Truth is you don't have to be in this situation. I have listed a number of things you need in order to prepare for your first iPhone 3G purchase and have it activated before you walk out the mall.

1. AppleID - AppleID is required to register your information in iTunes. AppleID is commonly used in the Apple website for discussion forums and for an iTunes account. You can create an AppleID by clicking here. Your email address will be your AppleID. If you have registered an iPod in the past, you probably have one. You can directly sign up for an AppleID and itunes account by using iTunes on your PC/Mac by clicking on Menu bar for Store>Create account.

2. iTunes 7.7.1 or later - Activation of your iPhone 3G is required and is done on a computer. iTunes require a PC running Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Windows Vista. Mac users should have 10.4.11 and Mac OS X Leopard users must have 10.5.4 or later. 64 bit version of Windows requires 64 bit iTunes installer. You can get iTunes on this link

3. iTunes account - an iTunes account is required if you want to download or purchase iTunes content, even if you are going to download just a free App. Your AppleID can be your iTunes account. Please be advised that a valid credit card is required if you are registering your AppleID to be used for iTunes download. You may also opt to use a redeem code from an iTunes gift card, iTunes gift card is now available at Power Mac Centers in the Philippines. Redeem code can also be for free and can be obtained at

Recommended Programs/Service but not required

4. Outlook 2003, 2007 (for PC users) - This program is part of the Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007. Outlook is optional but required if you want to sync Calendars/Contacts you created on the iPhone to your PC. Outlook is a great source of backup if in case your iPhone got corrupted and needs to be restored. Mac users by default should have iCal for calendars and Address book for syncing contacts.

5. MobileMe account - An online service from Apple that allows you to sync your information from the iPhone3G up in the "cloud" (mobileme storage server). Mobile me is a paid service that costs $99/year. You can try mobileme for 60 days by clicking here. Credit card is required

Now we will continue your iPhone purchase journey. We left of from the situation wherein you need the phone to be activated...

You wish you brought your Laptop with you as there was a nearby Starbucks coffee with free Wifi access. Your only option now was that Internet cafe just right next to Starbucks.
You will then need to:
1. Download and install iTunes on the computer.
2. Connect the USB cable to the PC and connect the other end to your iPhone3G. iTunes will then automatically detect the iPhone and then you should see a "Lets get started" message in iTunes. You will now continue and fill up the required information and you were ready with an AppleID so the process went on smoothly. After you filled out the form, that SUBMIT button in iTunes completed the process.
3. iTunes is now congratulating you for a job well done in following the process and not calling Applecare for the techsupport. Your smile now is touching your ears as the much awaited Home screen of the iPhone is saying hello to you.

Thanks for reading on, I hope this writing will help you in the future when you buy your iPhone 3G. Chill!

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