Thursday, August 28, 2008

iPhone 2.0.2 update may result in iPhone not receiving emails

Mail in trouble
by: Rouge

Most iPhone users from the around the world are having several issues with their iPhones after a software update. It almost seems like it didn't fix anything but rather it adds another issue. Its kind of unexplainable but its definitely fixable. One of the top issues after a successful software update is trouble with receiving emails which I'm going to discuss on this entry.

To resolve e-mail receiving issue try the following in sequence

1. Reboot your iPhone and try accessing the Mail app. If that doesn't resolve your issue please continue

2. Reset all settings. From the home screen, go to Settings, Tap General , scroll down to find and go to Reset > Reset All Settings. This step will reboot your iPhone, try again accessing your Mail, if issue exist go to step 3

3. Re-setup the entire email account. Go to General > Mail Contacts Calendars, choose your email address and tap "Delete Account." That will also delete your emails but this will definitely fix any receiving email issue.

The problem is pretty much isolated to happen on POP accounts. Other emails such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL are working fine after the update. Example of POP accounts are those emails provided by your ISP like Road Runner, Bellsouth (US Only).

Posted by: Rouge

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