Friday, August 29, 2008

iPhone 3G Hardware specifications remains undisclosed

Are you curious about the iPhones hardware specifications? Like a computer, the iPhone 3G also has processor, memory (RAM), and storage capacity. The iPhone is a miniature Mac running on "iPhone OS" operating system. That's the reason why Apple claim its 5 years way ahead of all other phones in the market. Until now, if you visit the iPhone's specifications page, you won't be able to see the iPhone's processor speed or the amount of RAM installed. Only the storage capacity is used to describe your iPhone as 8GB or 16GB version.

wikipedia entry for the iPhone has information about the iPhone's hardware components listed as below. Take note that these specifications came from other websites based on their skills in disassembling the device.

Processor: 620 MHz
ARM 1176,underclocked to 412 MHz
Memory): 128MB DRAM
Storage: 8GB and 16GB

If only the iPhone's screen is large enough given the specs above, it can definitely run Mac OS X 10.4 or Windows XP with additional software tweaking. But you don't need to have that as the iPhone OS alone is terrific.

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