Thursday, August 7, 2008

iPhone 3G coming to the Philippines August 22nd

iPhone 3G is almost here

Globe Telecoms has already announced the coming of the iPhone 3G in the Philippines. The most surprising thing here is the cost of the device. Last June, Steve Jobs has announced the release of the iPhone 3G 8GB for $199.00 about Php 8,995 and the 16GB version is for $299, thats $13,455 ($1 =Php 45.00). Quite affordable right?, well not really.
The reason being for the $199.00 tag for the toy is you have to be with AT&T wireless locked (US) for 2 years and select from their plans ranging from $69.99/month (basic plan) up to $129.99/month (unlimited data/voice plan).

According to appleinsider, the real cost of an iPhone3G is about $407 for 8GB version (Php 18,180)

Globe has already announced the pricing for the iPhone3G on their website. Here's a copy of their pricing for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

The new Globe iPhone 3G Plans with FREE Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi hours
PLAN 1599 PLAN 2199 PLAN 3299 PLAN 3999 PLAN 4999
Monthly Service Fee P1,599 P2,199 P3,299 P3,999 P4,999
Free Local Voice Minutes 100 210 350 500 750
Globe to Globe P5.50 P5.00 P4.50 P4.00 P3.50
Globe to Non-Globe P7.00 P6.50 P6.00 P5.50 P4.50
Free Local SMS Text Message 350 350 450 550 650
Text fee after free text allocation P1.00/msg. P0.50/msg. P0.50/msg. P0.50/msg. P0.50/msg.
Free Local Mobile Internet Hours 40 hours 60 hours 100 hours 100 hours 100 hours
Rate in excess of free Mobile Internet hours P0.50/min. P0.50/min. P0.50/min. P0.50/min. P0.50/min.
Free WiZ Wi-Fi Hours 20 hours 30 hours Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rate in excess of free WiZ Wi-Fi hours P2.00/min P2.00/min - - -
8 GB P16,800 P14,600 P12,300 P5,600 FREE
16 GB P22,300 P20,000 P17,800 P11,000 P5,500
- 2-year lock-up applies.
- Rates are inclusive of VAT and Currency Exchange Rate Adjustment (CERA).
- Free text allocation applies to local text messages (Globe to Globe and Globe to other networks).
- Free call minutes allocation applies to local calls (Globe to Globe, Globe to other networks, Globe to landline and NDD calls).
Get the iPhone 3G Prepaid Kit and enjoy 50 hours of FREE Internet!*
8 GB P41,899
16 GB P48,899
*Every iPhone Prepaid Kit is provided with P200 worth of free load every month for 5 months. Using Globe's Time browsing rate at P5 for 15 minutes gives you as much as 10 free internet hours per month or as much as 50 free internet hours over 5 months! Activation of the browsing rate is required. Text TIME to 1111 for free.
Get the iPhone 3G with Globe's GPlan or GFlex Plans

Plan GText GMix / GFlex 800 GTalk / GFlex 1200 GTalk Plus / GFlex 1800 GMatch / GFlex 2500
Monthly Service Fee P500 P800 P1,200 P1,800 P2,500
8 GB P29,000 P25,700 P23,800 P22,000 P20,000
16 GB P34,500 P31,100 P29,300 P27,500 P25,500

Plan GMax / GFlex 3500 GPlan / GFlex 5000 GPlan / GFlex 7000 GPlan / GFlex 10000
Monthly Service Fee P3,500 P5,000 P7,000 P10,000
16 GB P23,400 P6,500 P5,000 P3,300
- 2-year lock-up applies.

The price for the iPhone here in the Philipines is still quite really high. But purchasing the phone from Globe will guarantee that you'll be eligible for support from Apple during your lock-in period. Also you will be able to do the restore and update your iPhone software version directly from itunes if you need to do so. I hope price will drop as soon this device is finally released so more people can afford this miniature Mac OS X computer.

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kreg said...

this is flop, dude. what makes iphone a truly lovable phone is when you're connected to the internet 24/7 unlimited for a fixed affordable rate. i'm telling you, if you gonna get plan 1599, 40 hrs of local mobile internet hours per month is not enough. push email pa lang, ubos na yan. at pwedeng maubos ng hindi mo namamalayan. to all interested in buying iphones in the philippines, consider yourself warned. kapag hindi unlimited ang internet ng iphone, wala ring kwenta. baka magulat ka pa sa charges.