Monday, August 18, 2008

Beware of iPhone with Plastic Cracks

The new iPhone 3G 16GB version will be available in 2 different colors, that is black and white (Apple loves these colors on their product). I'm not sure if the white version will be available here but I hope it does. More iPhone users are reporting about their phones showing some cracks on the back part, this is most noticeable on the part where the buttons are located. The cracks are even more noticeable on the white version because of the discoloration of the hairline crack. If you happen to purchase an iPhone and notice a crack, immediately return it to the Place of Purchase and reference your return to US users who were able to exchange their phones at an Apple store and walk away happy. If you purchase it in Greenhills then goodluck.

3 more days to go and the iPhone will say hello. 

Posted by Rouge

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