Monday, August 11, 2008

iPhone software update 2.0.1 may cause issues on ringer volume

iPhone software update 2.0.1 on the original iPhone may cause issues on ringer volume. Users are reporting that ever since they've updated to the latest software version, ringer volume that has been set to max would suddenly go down to minimum. iPhone 3G users who have 2.0.1 does not experience this. If this happen to you, isolate the issue on your own by trying the following troubleshooting

1. Reboot your iPhone.
2. Try to check if you can feel a click when you press the volume buttons on the side. If the volume buttons feels like it doesnt resist and goes all the way up or down, then the problem could be on the volume buttons itself
3. Reset all Settings and check if issue still exist.
4. Remove all 3rd Party app and restart. You may also try to remove some other contents like music, videos and other iPod content.
5. RESTORE. Try using your iPhone without putting back any of your data except for the contacts.
6. If you already tried everything above and issue still persist, then the problem must be on the software update although the issue is not yet confirmed to be caused by the 2.0.1 release.
7. Pray and wait for the immediate release of 2.0.2


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