Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How does the GPS work on the iPhone 3G?

GPS feature on the iPhone3G, a brief introduction

GPS is the acronym for global positioning system, a satellite-based navigation system that uses trasmitted signals and mathematical triangulation to pinpoint location. GPS receivers like the iPhone 3G passively receive satellite signals; they never transmit.

Your iPhone3G requires an unobstructed view of the sky, so they are used only outdoors and they often do not perform well indoors or near tall buildings. To get accurate position, the iPhone 3G must be seen by at least 4 satellites orbiting the earth. You can trace your current location using the Google Maps application. Some apps utilizes GPS on your iPhone by adding your location info (longitude, latitude) into a Photos metadata, or simply use that info to calculate progress if you're using your iPhone for outdoor activities, the process is referred to as

Learn more about the technology behind GPS in this wikipedia entry

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