Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top 10 things you need to know about the iPhone

by: Rouge

10. It doesn’t have MMS, (multimedia messaging service) – a messaging capability to send or receive videos and photos over the phone. Has long been present to older phones but not on your iPhone 3G that is 5 years ahead of other phone technology.

9. No video recording capability. You can only snap a picture. Your lucky enough if you can capture sharp picture, it’s crappy most of the time so I don’t even bother use my iPhone for snapping pics.

8. No option for sending business card like what your Nokia phone does.

7. Bluetooth file transfer are not available. Sorry, Bluetooth here is only for integration with your mono Bluetooth headset or car kit.

6. Three percent (3%) of those who downloaded either 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 update are having issues receiving email after an update. A small 1-3% of those who updated to 2.0.2 has resulted in their iPhone to only show the Apple logo of death or stay in recovery mode.

5. Another 1-3% of iPhone 3G users are experiencing “No Service” issue whilst on 3G but will get reception when 3G is disabled. Rumor has it that Apple chose a bad 3G chipset for their iPhones.

4. An unknown percentage of iPhone users have dropped their iPhones and crack their screens because of playing games that requires tilting and shaking the device.

3. Most of the people getting error message “Unknown error ” after a failed update or restore are Windows XP users.

2. The iPhone 3G in the Philippines is still overpriced.

1. Your warranty will not be honored by AppleCare if your iPhone is purchased in somewhere else. Most of the iphones in Greenhills (Virramall) either came from US, Europe or Australia. Apples record will show the country of origin attached to your serial number. In the Philippines, support for the iPhone is only with Globe, the official wireless carrier.

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