Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Top 10 things why Pinoys would not buy the iPhone 3G

Top 10 things why Pinoys would not buy the iPhone 3G

by Rouge

1. You cannot forward a funny joke or a quotable quote sent to you via text message. Yep! The phone doesnt have a "forward message" feature."

2. You cannot forward a text message to your Globe contacts on your distribution list. There is no option for forwarding to a group like your nokia phone does.

3. There is no video recording on the iPhone or any application that will do this function.

4. Still, the camera is a bit crappy at the same 2.0 Megapixel resolution.

5. You cannot transfer via bluetooth an Mp3 you download somewhere on the internet nor you can receive anything on bluetooth. The bluetooth is there for the purpose of pairing to a Bluetooth wireless headset (mono)

6. You cannot use any custom ringtone like you did before on your previous phone. You can only sync ringtones if you purchase it in iTunes. There's a lot of workaround you can do for this issue but it requires jailbreaking your phone.

7. No memory card expansion slots. You cannot store anything on this phone like you used to on your iPod's hard disk. But the iPhone itself has enough space for you to work with.

8. You cannot view any flash video from other sites on Safari (internet browser) except youtube. Youtube has converted millions of videos last year into mp4 format for it to be viewable on the built in app "Youtube"

9. No option to save a download file in Safari nor you can upload a file from your phone.

10. Budget. Taghirap. Poor. Ala pera. Kulang allowance. Mahal bigas, Taas gasolina, Problemang panlipunan, at iba pa.

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